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First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
- Ghandi

Prohibition in America Act 2 (or History repeats?)

The American Gaming Association has called for a one-year Congressional study commission to look at whether legalising and regulating internet gambling might be a more viable alternative to attempting prohibition.

A number of high profile online gaming sights saw their share prices appreciate on the back of this news as it was seen as mitigating some of the more shrill prohibitionist voices in Congress and lowering the possibility of passage of even more restrictive legislation.

While most of the public and legislative debate on this subject is focused on casino games and traditional gambling, the impact of the reactionary and protectionist state of American laws prohibiting online betting has been equally damaging to the development of free and fair markets in all information and prediction markets. Let’s hope that this is a first small step on the road to bringing the US into the 21st century with respect to harnessing the advantages inherent in creating online networked markets in tomorrow’s outcomes.

  • Nowadays online gaming market has been very much popular among so many people in the world. But sometimes mostly people addicted to this kind of internet gambling which is not good.

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