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Sunshine Guaranteed.

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Great to see David and his team at Weatherbill line up another great deal – this time with Priceline, bringing the benefits of (weather) derivatives to Main Street:

Under the limited-time Sunshine Guaranteed promotion launched today, customers who book a qualifying Priceline vacation package between June 2 and July 17, 2008 and travel between July 1 and September 7, 2008 will be eligible for a refund if their vacation is rained out. For full details on Priceline’s Sunshine Guaranteed promotion, visit:

Brett Keller,’s Chief Marketing Officer commented, “Ten years ago with our Name Your Own Price® launch, and more recently with our elimination of booking fees on published-price domestic and international airfares, has demonstrated a commitment to continually innovate in order to get great deals for our customers. Now we’re also offering them great weather. Best of all, these Sunshine Guaranteed vacations are available at the same great prices we offer for all of our packages. Our customers can book their Sunshine Guaranteed trips and rest assured that there’s a silver lining waiting if Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate.”

There is no additional charge to book a Sunshine Guaranteed vacation package. Qualifying vacation packages must be 3-8 days in length. Travel must commence at least 12 days after a package is purchased. If it rains more than 0.50 inches per day on half or more of the days of a Sunshine Guaranteed vacation (including travel days), will provide a refund for 100% of the cost of airfare, hotel, rental car and attractions and services components of the Sunshine Guaranteed vacation package.

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  1. At 3:55 pm on 03 Jun 08 JD Long said:

    weatherbill got a comment in a recent Risk and Insurance article:

    Looks like some interesting things are going on in the weather market world.


  2. At 4:08 pm on 03 Jun 08 Sean said:

    JD – thanks for the pointer. It’s nice to see that after a few false starts over the years that weather markets finally seem to be reaching the inflection point.

  3. […] As you may recall, a couple months ago Weatherbill announced a partnership with Priceline, underwriting a promotion they ran that would reimburse the cost of your holiday package if it rained more than half the days during your stay. […]

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