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A rose by any other name…

Anyone who has ever had the occasion to name a new company or venture knows that for the vast majority of us, it is annoyingly hard. Especially as we look enviously at all the great company names out there already. How did they come up with them? Worse, just when you think you’ve cracked it, you rush to Google and find ten plus companies have beat you to it… Or, especially if you are trying to be a bit clever or fanciful, you realize the product of your inspiration means or sounds like something let’s just say…”less than flattering” in seven other languages.

So as we prepare to emerge from our ‘incubation’ phase, we can no longer prevaricate and need to settle on a name for our new venture. Given the number of great people and ideas I have discovered via the Park Paradigm, I thought it might be interesting to ask for suggestions from ‘the crowd’ and discover what wisdom lay within. So we are open to suggestions – but not committed to adopting any of them ;) – from all of you. Brainstorm away: comments are open!

Here is the brief:

[We are] an investment company established by Sean Park and Amy Nauiokas to provide vision, strategy, leadership and capital to growth-stage companies with innovative business models at the intersection of financial services, markets and technology.

Our core proposition is to deliver exceptional financial and strategic returns to our investors through our ability to identify, source and nurture investments in companies with “disruptive” business models or technology.  We do this by combining our expertise in strategy and operational execution with our network and experience for the benefit of our portfolio companies.

We help our investors and portfolio companies succeed in a world increasingly shaped by accelerating technological change and the inevitable accompanying transition to a new paradigm in financial services and markets.

Building off the work of Carlota Perez and her fantastic work – Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital – one of the key elements of our investment thesis is the idea of anticipating and participating in the ‘sixth (techno-economic) paradigm’; it’s a neat metaphor for looking forward and seeking to understand how technological progress will drive disruptive innovation and a ‘new paradigm’ in our industry. For practical reasons, we have been using this as our working name for the company. While we will almost certainly keep the name to use in various ways, for a number of reasons we didn’t feel it was the best name to use for the company itself. So this is where you come in. Help us come up with something better. We are of course seriously considering Nauiokas Park as a classic and solid option, but would also love to consider something a bit more original. Maybe it doesn’t exist. We haven’t come up with it in a few months of thinking about it, so we figured why not give a few more people a crack at it before we settle on one of the ones on our current short list.

To make it more interesting, if we end up using a name you come up with, we’d be happy to buy you dinner (you wouldn’t of course be obliged…), either in New York or London. And a bottle of champagne to the person that comes up with the most creative or funny or clever plausible name, even if we don’t end up using it. Of course this is entirely subjective and up to our discretion. To avoid grumpiness – this will not be awarded unless a minimum quality threshold is surpassed. (I’m hedging in the case that maybe only one or two people will reply… ;) )

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