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I will stay foolish.

The alarm on my iPhone wakes me up each morning and after turning it off, before getting out of bed I often scan my inbox and my twitter stream bringing me up to speed on the hours that I missed. This morning I got the news. Steve Jobs had died. And it shook me. And I am really sad. And I cried a little. And all of this surprised me.

I didn’t know Steve. But he made my life better. And he inspired me to have the courage to give up my safe, well-paid job to do something that is more meaningful to me. To try to change the world, if only a little.

So we started Anthemis with a mission to help build the Apple’s of 21st century finance: to bring elegance, simplicity and deep engineering to create financial services that just work and empower their users.

The world needs more leaders like him. Perhaps his passing will shock some of our other leaders into pulling up their socks and start acting their parts. Or inspire new, better leaders to emerge. I hope so.

And I will stay hungry. And foolish. And I won’t settle.

Thank you Steve.

  1. At 9:52 am on 06 Oct 11 Pete_0 said:

    You and me both.

    As long as there's a little bit of him in all of us, things will be o.k.

  2. At 8:46 pm on 06 Oct 11 Kristoffer Lawson said:

    Agreed. It emotionally affected me in ways I wasn't prepared for (and I saw a dream of a dying Jobs just before the news, making it ever more weird). The death was no surprise, but was never somehow expected. He was always the guy I would look up to as an inspiration for changing the world, daring to do things my own way. There is a visionary void now, and our job as entrepreneurs and, in your case, disruptive VCs is to fill that void with new visions, new ways of thinking.

    We didn't lay flowers at the local Apple store. We put up our pirate flag at the office and worked harder towards building the next big thing. I think that's how Steve would want it.

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